WEB HOSTING & DESIGN - Need a space for your site without spending a lot of $? - check out.
EWA'S ART PAGE - Paintings, drawings, pottery and quilts - COME ON IN, BROWSE, LOOK, BUY!.
COUCHSURFING - a place for travellers to find accomodation that comes with new friendships. One of the best sites on the net!

BIKE TRIP - Bicycle touring.
BIKE FORUM - Great cycling forum site.
CORAX - A site created by a guy from Sweden with lots of info on cycling in Tibet.
HENRIK TROND - Around the world bike adventures by a guy from Norway.
MARK & JULIETTE McLEAN - A couple from GB cycles from Liverpool to Australia.
URBANE CYCLE - A great bike shop downtown, Toronto.

ED'S SITE - A football fan, beer lover, composer and car maniac - a Brit living in Kamikawa.
KAORI'S SITE - Kaori & Adam's lives across the big sea.

INCONDUIT - Toronto street photography.
DP REVIEW - Great digital photography forum site.
PBASE - A site with thousands of private galleries.
PHOTO NET - Another greta photo site.

BEER ADVOCATE - An ultimate beer site - reviews for every beer in the world and more.
DEMOCRACY NOW! - The other side of news.
MASAMANIA - An amateur Japanese reporter tells people what he likes and dislikes about his country.

UEFA - Uefa football site.
FC BARCELONA - FC Barcelona official site.
KS LUBLINIANKA - A team from the town where I was born.

AMAZON - If you're looking for a book, but can't find it try Amazon. WARNING! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!.