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You know ur polish when:

1. You or someone in your family owns a van with a red and white "PL"
sticker proudly displayed on the back windshield

2. You have relatives who aren't really your relatives and you refer to them
as "ciocia" anyways.

3. You sing the same song - "100 lat" - on every occasion weddings,
birthdays,baby showers)

4. You watch soccer and always hope they will win in the World Cup

5. You know very well Pope John Paul II was Polish and his name was
Karol, not Carol

6. You go to Midnight Mass every Christmas Eve and keep your Christmas tree
up till February.

7. You drink your wodka straight

8. You open your presents on Christmas Eve.

9. You don't feel the need to add an "s" to Pierogi because you already know
the word is plural and it annoys you when others do. However, you still add
'y' to already plural english words... "chipsy", "dzinsy"

10. You are convinced your pets only understand Polish and when your English
friends come over, that is why your pets ignore them

11. You are forced to listen to Disco Polo by your parents

12. You can spot Polish people like Asians can spot each other because they
just have that "Polish Look"

13. When others find out you're Polish, they tell you about every Polish
person they've ever met, which is most likely followed by them
mispronouncing common phrases such as "czesc" or "dziekuje"

14. Your name always gets slaughtered on the first day of school

15. The thought of eating cow stomach (flaki) doesn't gross you out

16. When you're at a stranger's house, you expect their garbage can to be
under the sink

17. Every window in your house must have "firanki", even in the bathroom

18. Once in a while, you do a big "przemeblowanie" at home

19. You always take off your shoes as soon as you step into someone else's

20. You celebrate your birthday AND your nameday, "imieniny"

21. You were extremely surprised to learn that American weddings last hours,
not days

22. Your grandmother insists that you wear kapcie in the summer

23. You write sms messages like crazy.

24. You know Chopin was born in Poland and not in France

25. You were speaking Polish before you were English

26. You never ate meat on Christmas Eve or Good Friday (or any friday during
the year)

27. At every party that you attend people tell dowcipy and there is a
disscusion about politics

28. You watched Bolek i Lolek before bed time

29. You park your car on the side walk

30. You know how to "kombinowac"

31. You or someone you know wears bursztyn

32. When your parents have no idea how to use a computer except for

33. Your grandmother has a picture framed of Pope John Paul II, right beside
your school photo.

34. When your family considers mushroom picking as 'having a good time"

35. When your mom tells you to wear papcie/kapcie because the floor is cold
and you'll get a cold...even if it's the middle of summer!

36. You know you're Polish when you have paper towels in the house but
they're just for show, because everyone knows you're supposed to use a

37. You know you're Polish when your mom looks through your school phonebook
and points to a name and says "Popacztysie...Polak!"

38. You thought that your Uncle's name was 'Szwagier' until you turned 12.

39. When you were sick as a child you were stuffed with czosnek until you
felt like you were gonna vomit

40. When something breaks easily, is of crappy quality or is an ugly looking
bike... you call it Ukranian

41. All your friends wished they were polish because of smigus dingus

42. You were beaten at least once with a wooden spoon, belt, broom, or all
of the above.

43. You couldn't say a bad word, even stupid, around your mother without
getting smacked.

44. You have at least one relative who plays the accordion.

45. If you fail a blood/ drug test because you've eaten so much poppyseed
cake some time before it

46. and how could i forget: sometime in your life when you were sick you had
one of these 2 remedies: hot milk with butter and garlic (mleko z czostkem)
or syrop z czebulie (onions with sugar) ewww gross

47. your dad doesn't care what you do or what time you're home, as long as
your mom said it was okay. if your dad calls you and proceeds to yell at you
to come home, you only need to say "ale mama wie gdzie jestem i powiedziala
ze moge zostac jeszcze dwie godziny..." and he promptly replies "oh. okay.
have fun then," and hangs up.

48. These is a book by sienkiewicz on display in your house, but no one has
ever read it.

49. When you, or your family/Polish friends talk in English, you
occasionally slip in Polish words, and it's ok because you all know what
eachother are saying.

50. You might know ur polish when you get stopped by police and instead of
him handing you the ticket, you hand him money.

51. If you're born in Canada, you are regarded as the inferior genetic
counterpart to the purebred pole.

52. Your parents don't realize phone connections to foreign countries have
improved in the last two decades, and still scream at the top of their lungs
when making foreign calls "MAMO!? HALO?!? KTO TAM?"

53. Your dad ever butchered a pig or lamb.

54. You are surprised to find that the toilets in the pub/restaurant/shop
are free of charge

55. You have kielbasa hanging somewhere in your kitchen.

56. If your family had at least three working Fiat Maluchy sitting in their
front yard...one of which, at any given, time usually had 5 or more people
stuffed into it.

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